Guest Post: How To Stop Pop Up Ads In Google Chrome

It is no doubt that many people find different varieties of online advertisements disturbing. And pop up ads are one of them.

Well, what are pop up ads?

These are the ads which you will often find in your default web browser, such as google chrome.

The types of ads where you are in a site browsing content and suddenly your browser opens up or displays a new tab or a window without asking your permission and in that new tab, you will be displayed various promotions for different products or services.

Pop up ads can be pretty disturbing because these ads open up in a new tab and take away your focus from the previous content you were viewing in the earlier window. And if these ads are in a repetitive behavior, like they simply won’t stop then it can get anyone frustrated.

And if you are having problems with pop up ads in your Chrome browser, then you are in the right place. Because in this guide of ours, I’m gonna show you step by step on how to disable pop up ads in Google Chrome.

Remove pop up ads in Google Chrome

Ads have been a disturbing part of my PC ever since I was a teenager. I simply hated them.

So much so that I even blocked ads in my Windows 10 PC. And also in my default Chrome Browser.

And if you wanna block ads in your Chrome browser, then follow the simple steps we mention above…

So firstly you open up your google chrome browser.

Then you click on the “three dots” on the top right corner which is technically your customize panel.

From there go to this option named as “Settings”.

Scroll a bit and then click on this option which says “Show advanced settings”.

And then you will see this header which says “Privacy”. And from there click on this option which says “content settings”.

From there you scroll a bit down till you search this header which says “Pop-ups and redirects”.

And from there you toggle the switch from “allowed” to “blocked”.

You can also click on this option which says “Manage exceptions” where you can add sites which you allow to show you pop-ups. (Make sure to keeps its behavior as “Allow”).

And once you are finished click on “Done”.

And from then you will no longer see those disturbing advertisements in your

PC ever again.

Another way you can try…

Another way which you can implement to disable pop up ads in your Google Chrome is by downloading this chrome extension known as “pop up blocker”. You may download and install it through this link here.

Once you download and install it, simply run this feature. And then you will no longer see any sort of pop up ads in your google chrome browser.


If you implement the process which we mentioned step by step then you can easily block ads in your Chrome browser.

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