In short – What is Spamming? Effects of Spamming on your business.

If you’re wondering what is spamming, it’s one of the biggest business killers in marketing, especially for new business owners.

When you spam people, they get turned off by you and just want you to go away and leave them along for good. The only thing it is actually good for is making you look desperate.



What Is Spamming Exactly?
Spamming is the sending of an unsolicited email. What this means is that you send an email, generally an ad of some sort, to someone who has not authorized you/requested to receive that information from you. It’s when you’re overly pushy towards trying to get people to go to a link or buy something when they have no idea who you are.

Spamming remains economically viable because advertisers have no operating costs beyond the management of their mailing lists, servers, infrastructures, IP ranges, and domain names, and it is difficult to hold senders accountable for their mass mailings.


Effects of Spamming on your business.
16 Seconds
Did you know that 70% of global email volumes are considered spam? If you are not actively combating spam before it reaches your employee’s inboxes you are essentially giving them a time wasting exercise. According to a recent Nucleus Research, employees take on average 16 seconds per email to delete unwanted spam. How many spam emails is your company receiving in a day? How many employees do you have? Essentially you can add up the wasted man hours by these small seemingly benign emails.

If you do not have an active, affordable and effective way to reduce spam, you may be contributing to the $20 billion of wasted productivity on a global basis. New anti-spam programs offer solutions for cloud or exchange based email setups as well as for BYOD (bring your own device) device programs for companies.


Sexually Explicit Spam
One of the largest legal risks currently threatening companies and their spam emails is the rise of sexually explicit spam affecting employees while at work. It has been proven that you have a fiduciary duty to limit their exposure to these sources of pornographic materials. The fact that this type of spam email is on the rise and is currently the fastest rising category of spam email makes this issue a silent but possibly a very costly issue for small businesses.

Limit exposure risk to this type of legal action from employees by limiting spam altogether. This limited access will also prevent employees from also getting themselves into unintended sexual harassment situations by sharing, viewing or posting these types of emails around the office as well.

Backdoor Malware
Many backdoor attacks on your business networks gain a foothold by sending malware attachments through spam emails. It only takes one unsuspecting employee to open an email with a malware attachment for your company to be vulnerable to continued attacks through these threats. By offering a BYOD policy for your employees, they can also bring these potential viruses with them unknowingly into your network.

By forcing security protocols such as spam email filtering onto their devices through the right agreement, you can actually help prevent these outside attacks on your business network and help keep your employees devices more secure as well.


Solutions like SpamExpert filtering can ensure your business is more productive, less open to lawsuit and more secure. Keep spam emails at bay before they pose real issues for your company.



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