Why Choose SpamExperts, over other filtering alternatives?

The smarter email system that is set up for your email by default has an array of spam fighting tools available, but admittedly, the settings can be a bit complicated to work with.

Many of you asked us to make a more user-friendly anti-spam option available but to keep the cost low. So we are the only channel partner of SpamExperts in Bangladesh to provide high-level spam filtering services that are easy to manage and really affordable.

If you talking about the Barracuda filtering system, then you may realize that The Barracuda NG Firewall is extremely complex to configure. At press time, the documentation provided for setup was incomplete, and the videos that the company makes available to help were also incomplete. An average IT worker skilled in firewall configuration would probably not be able to get the Barracuda NG firewalls fully operational without help. Somehow it’s quite backdated and less efficient. With Barracuda you can’t get any option for windows instant recovery. Barracuda Backup Servers do not have a single user interface to access data and requires access to multiple connections and technologies. And most importantly, Support costs are almost double to Unitrends Premium level.

Why is SpamExperts a great product over other filtering alternatives?

SpamExperts stands out. It’s easy to use, as in easy for the customer — it gives them the mail that they need and filters what they don’t. It’s very effective at what it does, there are a minimal number of false positives, and it’s great at filtering out large amounts of spam. As a significant bonus, SpamExperts deals with tons of languages. Obviously, spam comes through from many different languages, so their company is in all the markets worldwide in order to refine their product for a global audience.

The SpamExperts service receives email addressed to your domain, filters it, then sends it along to the mail servers here at XeonBD. The service is distributed across multiple servers all over the world, so it’s fast and reliable.

How long has XeonBD introduced SpamExperts? How well is it performing so far for the business?

We launched our version of SpamExperts around March 2017, and since then it’s been great for the business. An interesting stat is that approximately 50, 0000 spam emails are quarantined per day through SpamExperts for XeonBD’s shared hosting customers. We use it as well as provide it for our customers, so if our customers know that we trust it, then it builds a trustworthy relationship.

We always support and recommend you to activate SpamExperts for your domain, which, for our purposes to serve you most safe and secure platform, we’ll assume is hosted at XeonBD (though you can set up SpamExperts service for domains hosted elsewhere too).

There are different types of SpamExperts plans and solutions are now available from XeonBD for domain owners, web hosting provider and ISPs/Telcos for securing their network from Spam.

To learn more about the plans and solution feel free to visit https://www.xeonbd.com/spamexperts or write to us at sales@xeonbd.com or call us at +8801977936623



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