How to configure your SpamExperts outgoing/outbound spam filtering service to get email notifications during abuse

As you know that the Professional outgoing/outbound Spam Filtering service by SpamExperts value Tk. 150/month has complementarily added with your shared hosting account with XeonBD since March 2017, for providing more reliable email sending options from your shared hosting account with XeonBD.

Today, we are writing this article to describe the process in details how you could adjust/configure your SpamExperts outgoing/outbound spam filtering service. So, that you could directly get the notification from SpamExperts professional email filtering service while any abusive activity occurs from any email address under your domain or if the SpamExperts outgoing/outbound SpamFilter blocks any email.

  1. Login to your cPanel > Email > Professional Spam Filter > Login
  2. SpamExperts panel > Outgoing > Settings
  3. Give your Administrator’s contact email address by changing the email address “server.admin@xeonbd.com”
  4. Log in to the email service of your given Administrator’s contact email address > Click on the confirmation link that SpamExperts spam panel sent to you.
  5. Whitelist the email address “admin@antispamx1.xeonbd.com” on your administrator’s contact email account that no email sent from this email address should never send to your spam folder. It is essential, as this email address will be used by the SpamExperts spam filter to get you notified about the abusive activity and might contain sensitive keywords/information related to spamming.

That’s it you are done. From now when any abusive activity detected by any of your email accounts under that domain you will be notified by SpamExperts to your Administrator’s contact email address, and you can take action accordingly.

For receiving an abusive email notification from your hosted website:

Any email that is sent from your website’s contact form or any other implanted email functionality using PHPmailer etc. scripts will not log under your SpamExperts outgoing/outbound Spam Panel. As these scripts mostly use server’s nobody sender which means you’ll also not get notifications for any abusive activity if anything happens from your website.

To log your hosted website’s sent email into your SpamExperts panel and get notified. Follow the following steps:

  1. Create a valid email account under your cPanel.
  2. Configure your PHPmailer or any other custom script with your created email account’s SMTP details, reference: https://github.com/PHPMailer/PHPMailer/blob/master/examples/smtp.phps or if you are hosting CMS like WordPress you may install plugins like https://ca.wordpress.org/plugins/post-smtp/ or for Joomla check https://docs.joomla.org/J3.x:Global_configuration#Mail_Settings_Group
  3. That’s it you are done.

Now any abusive activity that might happen from your website will now be logged in your SpamExperts outgoing/outbound filter account and you will directly be reported to you at your provided Administrator’s contact email address of your SpamExperts spam panel.

Important note:

If you get an email notification that an email is blocked by SpamExperts filter which you think is a valid email and shouldn’t be blocked by the SpamEpxerts professional email filter, just forward or open a ticket to our support department with the ARF format email of that notification email to support@xeonbd.com. After receiving your email, we’ll release that email from SpamExperts filter and we will even accordingly train your SpamExpertsoutgoing/outbound filter that your SpamExperts filter doesn’t block any such email in future.

XeonBD is the one and only official channel partner of SpamExperts in Bangladesh. XeonBD also offering different types of SpamExperts plans and solutions for domain owners, web hosting provider and ISPs/Telcos for securing their network from Spam.

To learn more about the plans and solution feel free to visit https://www.xeonbd.com/spamexperts or write to us at sales@xeonbd.com or call us at +8801977936623



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