SpamExperts - Advanced & Professional Spam Filtering


SpamExperts is unique self-learning filtering mechanisms and advanced spam-pattern detection automatically adapts to new spammer techniques and learns your preferences based on what you do and do not mark as spam; there’s nothing for you to manage or maintain manually.

Nowadays for any web platform, spam create a problematic issue. On that case, Spam Experts incoming email filtering is an easy and efficient gateway solution for filtering all incoming mail.

Spam Experts outgoing filter is another type of supporting the filter that actually stops spam from leaving your platform or network to the outer world.

Safeguard Commercial Platform From Spam, Malware & Viruses

Spam Experts self-learning technology eliminates costly spam, virus, phishing, and malware attacks before they ever reach your mailbox allowing you to work worry-free and with email archiving you can be assured to never lose an email again.

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