What is a FTP Server? Advantages of XeonBD’s BDIX FTP Server hosting plan

What is a FTP Server?

“File transfer protocol” is a single word it’s also known as FTP, is a combined and fundamental technology that support its user to move digital files to wherever they need to go, typically between your computer or phone and a server.

However, FTP goes with a very sophisticated method which called the client-server method for file sharing, wherein all of the files you want to share are uploaded to a specialized FTP server. Using a particular type of program called an FTP client, you can then access that server in a secure fashion from any computer in the world with an Internet connection.

Mostly and common benefits (not to all)  for which, web host providers give customers FTP access to their servers so they can upload the content, images, and databases of their websites. Nowadays Business organizations, for their file share and securely collaborate facilities, can also use this FTP server space as they want, as some programs out compliance with various encryption standards.

For using this type of protocol, for using the speediest sharing facilities like drag and drop files between two different location, people usually prefer FTP, which is actually much more user-friendly.

For boosting your business productivity, FTP server play a crucial role through connecting files across devices, network locations, and cloud services.

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Advantages of XeonBD’s BDIX FTP Server hosting plan?

XeonBD’s BDIX FTP Server hosting plans are powered with fully 1Gbps bandwidth connection of Bangladesh Internet Exchange (BDIX).

You can enjoy our every step, those never fall you down-

  • Cost effective- Vast choice of storage options with additional space available at any time.
  • Adjustable- Easy configuration process, which you never imagine before.
  • Reliable- XeonBD means reliability for 12+ years and ongoing service life.
  • Safeguarding- Accessed only by your server

Among all protocol, FTP protocol is used mainly using for upload and transfer data between two places, FTP is much secure and speedy way. For those reasons, XeonBD is now ready with a newly integrated server solution which is specialized and secure for FTP web hosting to ensure that you can quickly and efficiently upload and manage large data volumes. XeonBD offers a number of cost-effective server packages that allow you to take advantage of the FTP protocol and enjoy powerful FTP web hosting when working on your next web project. FTP server can help you in a different way to fulfill your ongoing requirement whether you are an expert programmer or a novice web builder. The ongoing system or protocol can be restricted, can also be accessed through your standard console or through a variety of FTP software programs to give you control whatever your skill set. This means that large video, image or audio files can be accessed by the administrator or anyone who the administrator has assigned rights to, in the most efficient way possible.

Fully BDIX supported FTP server:

XeonBD’s BDIX FTP Server hosting plans are powered with fully 1 Gbps bandwidth connection of Bangladesh Internet Exchange (BDIX).

So, any user who lives in Bangladesh and using an ISP who is having BDIX peering they can transfer data from XeonBD’s BDIX FTP Server hosting plans up to 1 Gbps bandwidth. The most significant benefit that why in current time people are starting likes the FTP which is data can be transferred among the local users. Since XeonBD’s can provide high bandwidth easily which is powered by BDIX.

Customer Service benefits:

XeonBD has been providing a variety of high-quality hosting solutions to its customers since 2005. So we can easily say that, when you take advantage of our powerful FTP hosting, you can be sure that you have chosen a provider you can trust. With more than thousands of active customers worldwide, XeonBD is proud to offer great value products that never compromise on quality, alongside a commitment to innovation ensuring that our services are always cutting-edge. We always committed and ensure to provide effective service and guidance when setting up and maintaining your FTP web hosting, XeonBD provides 24/7 telephone and e-mail support. Once you have contacted one of our highly trained experts, any queries or questions you may have, will be answered as efficiently as possible – giving you ultimate peace of mind as you build your website. Give XeonBD a call today and discover what other benefits you can enjoy when you take advantage of our comprehensive FTP hosting packages.



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