“How to create strong password”

Hello Everybody,
Here is introducing myself “blog@riyad” as a new blogger with new ideas!
Xeon’s official blog is really a good place for the blogger’s who wants to share there ideas specially related to  “e”!
I mean internet,information technology and so many more…

Now a days,we all have to create many types of account to log in in many site,and for this reason Individual’s user name  & password is very much important thing to remember.In case of mailboxes or social communicating sites,we all have very important mails,important data and many more.So it is very important to create a strong password so that anyone can’t access our account and get all important information of us! So i like to give some tips to all so that we can make our account info’s safe & secure!

  • First of all, we have to think a password that is easy to remember but strong to break by others.Cause if we just think only to make it strong and make it critical,then there is a chance to forget it!
  • Password should contain more then 8 characters cause many sites requirement is this.
  • Password should be a  perfect combination of  both letters and numbers cause it is difficult to guess by others.
  • Password should not related to anyone’s personal matters! Cause it is easy to find the password by others who knows about u!
  • Password can be related to old memories so u can remember it easily !
  • Password should be a word which is structured backward.example,”hsedalgnab”(original word=bangladesh).
  • Password should not match the user name or full copy of it.
  • Password should not contain hyphen,full stop,comma,or any other punctuation marks.
  • Password should not saved by the browser of a PC which is use  by many users.
  • Password should not be same of other accounts of a user who uses many account.

That is all I have to say to all who wants to make a strong password and keep their account safe & secure!!

Take care.



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