cPanel and CloudLinux OS public mirror are now live in XeonBD’s Bangladesh data center

cPanel and CloudLinux OS public mirror are now live in our Bangladesh data center for our Bangladeshi data center users.

So, those who are hosting their cPanel/CloudLinux server in XeonBD’s Bangladesh data center now can edit their cPanel server’s /etc/cpsources.conf file and add HTTPUPDATE=cpanel-mirror.xeonbd.com and CloudLinux server’s /etc/clnmirrors file and add https://cl-mirror.xeonbd.com/XMLRPC/ to update/install any packages of your cPanel and CloudLinux server directly from the mirror hosted in our Bangladesh data center.

cPanel user

vi /etc/cpsources.conf or nano /etc/cpsources.conf


CloudLinux OS user

vi /etc/clnmirrors or nano /etc/clnmirrors


Repo files are now updated. Let’s clean up our local yum cache, and make sure everything is working.

yum clean all
yum repolist

That’s it you are done!

As long as yum repolist runs and you get no errors, that means everything is working as expected! But if you are facing any problem don’t forget to contact our support team by clicking here.

What is a mirror website?

A mirror site is a website or set of files on a computer server that has been copied to another computer server so that the site or files are available from more than one place. A mirror site has its own URL, but is otherwise identical to the principal site. Load-balancing devices allow high-volume sites to scale easily, dividing the work between multiple mirror sites.

A mirror site is usually updated frequently to ensure it reflects the contents of the original site. In some cases, the original site may arrange for a mirror site at a larger location with a higher speed connection and, perhaps, a closer proximity to a large audience.



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