9 Best Tips for New Bloggers

The best tips for new bloggers is to understand that it’s a patience game. It need time as well as your effort. Its very much similar to a regular business or start ups where any business needs at least a period of time to establish. According to Google, a website that is six month old is regarded as ready to start earning.

This article the discussion will be on

a) The basic major things you need to consider for your blogging career
b) Some tricks and secrets and shortcuts
c) Some hidden tips for new blogger

1) First tips for newbies is Mindset

First of all are you aware of what you are doing. Why you are blogging for?.Is it for everyone doing this and blogging become a trend and so you are doing or is it you love for doing this, either money comes from your website or not, you do not care or you do care about money and want your livelihood coming from your website. Different people have different point of view. But one thing all of you have common that is you have to establish your blog amount thousands of other blog unless none can see your writings.

2) Hidden tips for you is Spend your Resources

As a new blogger you might not want to spend your money on your website but you wishes tons of money come to your site. Its almost impossible, like every business you need to have continuous supply of your contents, products, updates, ads etc. Use paid versions hosting, use you own .com, .net domain. No more free things. They sucks!! We recommend wordpress is the best platform for your admin panel. Learn why WordPress is The Best Simple Tool For Website Without Knowledge To Coding

3) Spend time on Learning

You should gather as much information as you can. Do not stop learning. When you hear about others mistake you most likely not fallen on that trap again and can quickly make progress. Practice and work in your websites backend. Do not give control of your site to anyone. Firstly it may be difficult to have full admin panel run by you without others but you have to get used to it. In short, you should have the ability to run your site without anyone.

4) Content is king,Visitor is Power

You most probably familiar with that phrase, “Content is king”yes that’s true. Your article, your blogs is the main part of your site. If they add value to others life and people really benefited then this is great. Content may be related to any category, subjects, topic and niches. Like health, food, fitness, gym, travel, tour, technology, techproducts, life, career, motivation, religious, business, freelancing, financing, designing, educational, news portal, scientific, historical, ride sharing etc. Focus on one niche. Learn Jack of all trades, master of none Now come to visitor section, we assume you have great contents in your site but unless you do not have visitors its like king with no power. The more visitor, viewer, subscriber your have the more your blog will progress.

5) Let other people work for you

We recommend you think like that your content is your product and your visitor is your client. If you work day and night on content creation it is not good for you. Give other people work for you, let them make article for you. You only give them instruction about how to make and when they finished writing spend time on seo of that content. You should be busy on learning SEO, keyword selecting, on digital marketing and social media engagement. You should be busy on google search console, adsense, analytics, linkedin connections and learning and developing skills. You will find freelancers on cheap rate on different freelancing marketplace to do your works like article writing and different micro works. For instance, freelancer.com, fiverr, upwark, iwriter, are good marketplaces.

6) Best tips for new bloggers, Joining With Other Big Company’s,

Suppose, your intention is to get monetization from google adsense and amazon affiliates and evanto marketplace. But they won’t accept you unless they see values. But If google sees that amazon, cj, edx accepts you then they think that these company’s are getting benefited from you and you have values then they do not want to miss you. Yes its true. By this tricks we get adsense monetize with just 4 to 5 months. But why amazon accepts you? When you applied on amazon associates firstly make other company’s partner with you as their affiliates like you can be affiliate for wordpress, bluehost, rakuten , cj, edx, udemy, coursera, alibaba etc.

7) Avoid Copyright,spam,blackhat SEO,copywrite image

These things is so detrimental. If you copy other people content your adsense may be got banned. Ranking from google search may severely affected.They  owner of the content may even fined lot of money from you for stealing and copying there content, selling their ebooks, softwares, image, videos. Even do not use copyrighted image from google image or any website rather use those which are copyright free and lawful for commercial purposes. You can buy image from different marketplaces for your blog. You can use your own camera image for blogs. Do not use blackhat techniques like making a lot of backlinks from spamming. If google find out your entire career as a blogger will be washed like water. You can you pixabay for free image which can be use to your blog, they are copyright free.

8) Do not be Frustrated,do not be Over Confident

Frustration will come its no doubt. When you see no money coming in. No dollar coming in from amazon. No sells coming. Google rejects you. Later when adsense approves do not over confident. Again you will be frustrated when you see very little cpc from adsense. Very tiny amount of clicks to your ads. Months will pass but you can not exceed even 100 dollar from adsense. But after that will believe golden days come.Be persistent, manage you time, we will play slow and steady but we will win the race. Avoid other distraction and learn how to manage your time, with Best Time Management Techniques, That Really Works

9) Last but not the least,take it as your part time first not full time

Online career on websites and blogging requires time. It is nature. You can not make if money earning machine overnight by extreme hardship and how much time you have. I give my days and night sitting on desktop with my maximum concentration several times. Even if you spend millions of dollars and wants to rank on google overnight you can not. Play long term, its  my best advice. Do you main work and make your blog a part time passive income sources. Do not quit your job, business, study for this. Because it can not give you money immediately. On the other hand do not quit your blogging. learn why quitting you own business and job is a trap for you.



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